Borders in our life are not only limited to their political and administrative functions.

Ideological, cultural, religious, social, or language differences can create boundaries which stress existing divisions and often spoil any form of dialogue “beyond the borders”.

With this thought in mind, Kristina Holzapfel and Magdalena Stawiana, authors and organizers of the project, in Berlin in Spring 2013 were looking for a respective project idea.

With this seminar they wanted to make young adults see that borders exist not only between but also within nations, cultures, and especially in people‘s minds.

They wanted to see, show, and experience that borders created by humans can be transcended without standing still.

So why don’t we go on a train ride through several countries to discover by ourselves how other people feel about this topic? And this is how MOVING BORDERS was born.

With this project, Kristina and Magdalena want to address all those ideological, cultural, religious, and language differences in our daily life which can create boundaries and lead to social exclusion.

Now the MOVING BORDERS Train rolls 2016 again.

Together with young people coming from different countries, different cultures, different social milieus, and daily experiences, we want to consider all meanings of “borders” for us and the societies we live in. With this project we aim to question the significance and relevance of borders in general. We want to ask ourselves what it really means to have (or not to have) borders and boundaries in our daily lives.

During diverse workshops in Berlin, Warsaw and Lviv, MOVING BORDERS meets people in their work places who try to overcome borders. As social workers or refugees, as migrants or people with disabilities they fight all kinds of borders every day. But we will also meet people who claim that creating borders will protect us – like some politicians for instance.

During the train ride between Berlin-Warsaw and Warsaw-Lviv young people get a great chance to exchange their personal experiences regarding all these issues not only with other participants, but also with other passengers (maybe from other countries, cultures, nations, with totally different world views than theirs…) who they meet on the train.

Don’t forget: borders between people can move naturally but we can also choose to move them!

The project is organised by Citizens of Europe e.V. in cooperation with the Polish Schuman Foundation Warsaw, European Academy Berlin and Lviv based organization Cluster.

We would like to thank Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, Europeans for Peace, Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, German-Polish Youth Office and German Federal Foreign Office for their financial support.

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