Édi Kettemann

(Participant from Germany)

About me

Born in Portugal, I completed my B.Sc. degree in electrical and computer engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon. Alongside with engineering, I’m into writing, filmmaking, dramatic arts and photography. Most of my creative work has been produced together with o GOLPE – the drama and film group I belong to. Now, I’m settled in Germany, attending a master programme at the Dresden University of Technology, with a major in information systems and neuromorphic circuits. During four hours in Kapshticë I was introduced to institutional arrogance, where the fragility, from those seeking for the “European dream”, was mechanically exploited: open your bag! After crossing the Evros river, they were back home, they could buy cheap cigarettes, speak their language and keep their intimacy for themselves. The ride was very early in the morning, in 13 hours I left Italy, crossed Austria and arrived my destination in Germany. I noticed nothing, something was missing; the air was, strangely, lighter, though good. These are some of the fragments that brought me to Moving Borders.

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