Fedo Hagge-Kubat

(Participant from Germany)

About me

I´m Fedo, 22, born in Berlin, raised in the Ruhr-area close to the boarder of the Netherlands and just this year I graduated from University with a B.A in politics and administration. Currently I´m working with culture and media in the public sector in the, how the major describes it “poor but sexy” German capital. Apart from “official waypoints” in my CV I have been interested in European issues ever since. Starting from an every-year exchange program with a partner school in Hungary in high school, the choice of my field of study resulted from the experiences I made in these years. At Uni I was involved in the local Erasmus initiative, and by a lucky coincidence got in touch with citizens of Europe. After a year abroad I had the chance to do an internship at the office of citizens in early 2014. Since I had the chance to take part in various EU-funded projects throughout the years, I was giving the opportunity to set up and apply for an own project in cooperation with two other organization members. After getting approval this summer, we implemented a week long ERASMUS + training course on the question how art is a form of civic engagement in mid-September this year.

In preparation both for my final thesis and the TC I dealt a lot with the question on how culture both creates and overcomes borders. Hereby I sometimes feel to have a “too narrow” approach on the issue, that undoubtedly is one of the most important current issues, as well politically and in civil society. I´m looking forward in exchanging experiences on what borders mean on an individual level but also on a theoretical, meta-physical level. I hope that together we find ideas and suggestions on how we, as a more and more influential generation, deal with borders in the future.

Click here for Fedo’s presentation on Moving Borders.