Ievgeniia Palash

(Participant from Ukraine)

About me

I’m a social scientist, fresh graduate from Central European University, activist and researcher. I have studied sociology, psychology, social work and gender studies. My main scientific interest lies in LGBT-youth-related issues, such as homophobic bulling, heteronormativity and homonormativity in youth communities, new media and online communities as a way of resistance to homophobic societies. I have already participated in Asso in Action – Youth in Action program for NGO activists and in Change-Exchange-Transformation program for Ukrainian youth. I was interested in Moving Borders because it’s a great way of getting new knowledge and experience in a multicultural environment. As an active participant in the civil life of my country, I view it as an opportunity to engage is thought-provoking discussions and get acquainted with new perspectives on the subjects of civil rights, Europeanization and integration of Ukraine, culture conflicts and interpersonal relations.

Click here for Ievgeniia’s presentation on Moving Borders.