I just started my master’s program of sociology at the University of Potsdam this semester. During lecture an associate professor once said the very best sociologists have been outsiders of society, since they could observe the people, without being influenced by respective social norms or standards. At this point I knew I would probably never be one of the very best sociologists, as I personally think, broadening one’s perspective by really getting to know and understand different cultural habits, is one of the most exciting and enlightening parts of life. I especially experienced this as an exchange student, during a year-abroad in the USA and as a participant of an Israeli-German exchange program. For me the Moving Borders train ride is another chance, to meet new people, exchange different point of views and simultaneously have a lot of fun. With the goal of increasing intercultural understanding this way, I guess I’m fine by only being a mediocre sociologist by the accounts of my former professor.

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