Kristina Holzapfel

(Project Designer)

About me

Kristina Holzapfel is a historian and linguist who aims attention at the Eastern and South-Eastern European languages and societies. During her studies, she was concerned with the cultures, histories and politics of the Middle and East European regions. As a professional in the last couple of years she has been dealing with commemorative culture (with the focus on the time of national-socialism) in different countries. In the course of this, the focus of her research and documentation has been the individual fate of former forced laborers who were abducted from East Europe to Germany.

Besides this, Kristina Holzapfel has been working as a freelance historian for documentaries, articles and lectures, mainly with the issue of German-German history and the results of the Soviet system collapse in the transformation-process in Romania and Moldova for a couple of years.

Additionally since 2008 she has been active as an educational referent for a number of small organizations. Key aspects here are identity-conflicts, minorities and the effect of political symbolism and propaganda in the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.