Marek Peda

(Lead Partner, Poland)

About me

Political scientist and graduate of University of Warsaw, the Leon Koźmiński Academy and the School of Social Sciences of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Project Coordinator with extensive experience in management of projects in the field of international development aid and currently also in the framework of “Erasmus Plus”. Long-term cooperation with number of non-governmental organizations on international projects and cooperation with several scientific institutions in Spain and the USA. As an expert Marek is specializing in the modern history of Spain and systems of regional autonomy, particularly the Basque Country. He is also an expert of the European Commission with respect to elections in the countries of South America and Africa. Author of numerous publications on the acquisition and management of projects subsidized by EU structural funds. Regularly Marek cooperates with the publishing houses: Wiedza i Praktyka, Beck and Raabe.